Project Description

African Serval

Leptailurus serval

Animal Class: Mammals

Height: 17-24 inches at shoulder

Length: 2-3 feet long

Weight: 30-40 pounds

Life Span: 13.2 year average; up to 19 years

Diet: Servals are carnivores eating a variety of prey including rodents, birds, reptiles, frogs, crabs, and large insects.

Habitat: Servals live around streams and rivers in the savannas of central and southern Africa.

The African Serval is a medium-sized cat with a long, lean body, small head and short tail. It has large ears that provide an excellent sense of hearing, and its long neck and legs allow it to see over savanna grasses. Servals have a tawny coat containing both black spots and stripes. The belly is lighter and white.

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