Amur Leopard

Panthera pardus orientalis

Animal Class: Mammals

Length: 3-6 feet long with 23-44 inch tail

Weight: 66-155 lbs. (males are usually twice the size of the females)

Lifespan: up to 12 years in the wild.

Diet: In the wild, Amur leopards eat roe deer, alpine hare, sika deer, and wild sheep.

Habitat:  Few of these cats exist in the wild, estimated to be less than 100. Their historical wild range included boreal forests in Siberia, Manchuria, Amur-Ussi region of Northern China and North Korea.

Description: Color ranges from pale straw to grey and bright ochre to chestnut with white underside. The cat’s long hair tends to lighten in winter. Most of the body is covered with dark spots—small ones on the head, throat, and chest; large ones on the belly. Amur leopards can run 36 miles per hour, leap horizontally up to 19 feet, and vertically more than 10 feet. This excellent climber can descend head first and is also a strong swimmer. They have acute vision and hearing, and a strong sense of smell.

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