Project Description

Barn Owl

Tyto alba

Animal Class: Birds

Length: 12.6-15.75 inches

Weight: 14-22 ounces

Life Span: 2 years wild average

Diet: Mostly small mammals but occasionally eats birds, fish, reptiles, and insects

Habitat: Found on every continent except Antarctica

Barn owls have a characteristic heart-shaped face.  Their large eyes are locked facing forward and their long beak is mostly covered by feathers.  The barn owl’s face and lower breast are white.  The upper breast is tan and there is brown spots over the entire chest. The barn owl’s back and wings are tawny with darker flecking and markings.  Their legs are covered with small white feathers and their toes with white bristles. Up to 46 different subspecies of barn owls have been regionally identified, and there is some size and color variation among the subspecies.

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