Project Description


Chinchilla laniger

Animal Class: Mammals

Length: 10-15 inches

Weight: 18-28 ounces

Life Span: Wild: 6-10 years

Diet: Wild: herbs, grasses, and seeds Zoo: chinchilla pellets; free choice grass hay and limited amounts of produce

Habitat: Chinchillas are found in South America primarily in the Andes Mountains of Chili, Peru, and Bolivia.

Description: Chinchillas have large ears which are almost completely hairless. They have short front legs which are used to grasp roots and grasses while they eat. Their long hind legs allow chinchillas to be excellent jumpers (can jump 10 feet). The chinchilla’s dense fur is very soft and a slate grey color in the wild. In captivity, however, their coats may range in color from tan, white, grey, and black.

Our Animals: Herman. This animal is also an Ambassador Animal.