Project Description

Common Genet

Genetta genetta

Animal Class: Mammals

Length: 17-22 inch body, with a 13-20 inch tail

Weight: 3-5 pounds

Lifespan: 8-10 years in the wild, 13 years or more in human care.

Diet: Mostly meat, but they are opportunistic omnivores and will also eat eggs and fruit.

Habitat: In areas with dense vegetation and forests. They have three ranges: North Africa along the Mediterranean coast, central Africa from coast to coast, and southern Africa.

Description: Although genets resemble cats (and are somewhat related), they’re part of the Viverridae family, which includes binturongs and civets. Like other Viverridae animals, they produce musky secretions that aid in communication. Like cats, though, they have retractable claws. Common genets are nocturnal and hunt by scent. In the wild, genets are typically solitary, except when they’re mating or raising young.

Conservation Status: Least Concern

Our Animals: Kylie and Tyga.