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Cotton-Top Tamarin

Saguinus oedipus

Animal Class: Mammals

Length: Head to body length is 19 to 31 centimeters. Tail length exceeds the body length for an overall length of 40 to 90 centimeters.

Weight: They weigh about 260 to 900 grams.

Diet: Wild: Cotton-top tamarins eat fruit, tender vegetation, insects, small lizards and eggs.

Habitat: Northwest Columbia and upper strata of the rainforest

There is a distinctive crest of white hair on the head, they have a brown back, and yellow to white undersides and extremities. Their face is black and white. They are monogamous and extensive parental care is provided to the young with assistance from older siblings. They live in social groups as large as 15, comprised of a breeding pair and their offspring. Tamarins are active 10 to 11 hours a day from sunup to sundown.

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