Project Description

Domestic Chicken

Gallus domesticus

Animal Class: Birds

Length: 30-45 cm

Weight: 2.2-6.6 pounds

Lifespan: 2-4 years

Diet: Omnivore

Habitat: Vary from small, organic farms to massive poultry-production facilities

Description: The humble chicken is thought to originate from the red jungle fowl and the grey jungle fowl, found in the rainforests of India. Today, the domestic chicken is thought to be more closely related to the grey jungle fowl due to the yellow coloring of it’s skin. Although they are similar, the Indian jungle fowl is about half the size of a domestic chicken today. The chicken was thought to be domesticated more than 10,000 years ago where the Indians and later the Vietnamese bred chickens for meat, feathers and eggs. The domestication of chickens is thought to have then spread rapidly across Asia and into Europe and Africa resulting in the chicken being the most widely farmed animal today.

Our Animals: The Zoo’s flock varies, and includes one rooster and several hens. Some of these animals are also Ambassador Animals.