Lesser Hedgehog Tenrec

Echinops telfairi

Animal Class: Mammals

Length: 5-7 inches

Weight: 7 ounces

Life Span: 7-9 years average

Diet: Tenrecs are omnivores eating mostly insects, eggs, and spiders but also occasionally fruits

Habitat: Native to the dry forests and semi-deserts of southern and southwestern Madagascar

Description: While tenrecs and hedgehogs are in different taxonomic orders, the lesser hedgehog tenrec is named for its physical resemblance to the hedgehog. Sharing morphological traits with another animals adapted to a similar niche is referred to as “convergent evolution”. The general appearance between the two animals is similar: small, stout bodies with spines and a small tail. The spines are modified hairs that provide protection. When threatened, they will curl up and muscle contractions will cause the spines to stand aloft. The hedgehog tenrec unlike a hedgehog will, however, uncurl and attack an animal threatening a powerful bite. Coloration of the lesser hedgehog tenrec can vary from a pale, almost white to dark almost black depending on the amount of melanin in the quills. The most common coloration, however, is a yellowish buff. While spines cover the dorsal body surface from forehead to tail and down the sides, the tenrec’s belly, face and legs are covered with sparse, soft hair.

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