Project Description

Northern Blue-Tongued Skink

Tiliqua scincoides

Animal Class: Reptiles

Length: 17-23 inches

Life Span: 18-20 years on average

Diet: Wild: plants, fruits, worms, and insects Zoo: salads (containing greens, veggies, and fruit) with meat (carnivore diet) daily

Habitat: The eastern blue-tongued skinks prefer the semi-desert and agricultural habitats of Australia, Tasmania, and New Guinea.

Description: Blue-tongued skinks are heavy-bodied lizards with short legs. Their tails are short, thick, and strong. The skink’s scales are very smooth. The blue-tongued skink’s blue tongue provides a sharp contrast to its pink mouth and can startle other animals. When disturbed, the skinks will hiss, puff up their bodies, and open their mouths to display their blue tongues. Although their teeth are not well defined, the blue-tongued skink can deliver a powerful bite. It will often clamp down without letting go.

Our Blue-Tongued Skink: Blueberry. This animal is a retired Ambassador Animal.