Project Description

Panther Chameleon

Chamaeleo [furcifer] pardalis

Animal Class: Reptiles

Length: Adult males are 12-17” in length. Females are 7-9”

Diet: Wild: insects, small birds, and other reptiles

Habitat: The Panther Chameleon lives in the northern and coastal areas of Madagascar. The Chameleon lives in the forest areas and sometimes in the rainforest.

Males are much larger than females. Chameleon’s colors vary greatly from one another. The colors include all the colors of the rainbow. Females usually turn brown and gray. The females warn males to stay away by turning dark with orange spots. The chameleon’s body is flattened from side to side. Their legs project to the side and to the back of them. Their legs are also specially jointed so that all four feet can easily grasp a branch located below their body.

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