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Reeves’s Muntjac

Muntiacus reevesi

Animal Class: Mammals

Height: 16 in.

Weight: 24-35 lb. with males larger than females

Lifespan: up to 10 years

Diet: Wild: leaves, fruit, bark, fungi, and herbs

Habitat: Reeve’s muntjac live in the deciduous forests of southern China and Taiwan.

Description: Reeve’s muntjac are small members of the deer family. They have short reddish-brown coats with a white throat and chin, dark blackish-brown legs, and a black stripe running along the nape of the neck. Males have short antlers, each growing from a raised stalk called a pedicel. The females do not have antlers but do have small, bony knobs and tufts of hair on their heads. Both the males and females have tusks, which are their canine teeth that protrude out of the mouth. The male’s canines are larger than the female’s. Muntjac are sometimes referred to as barking deer because they will bark when alarmed.

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