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Maproctus giganteusstigo

Animal Class: Invertebrates
Length: 1-3 inches
Diet: Carnivorous, feeding mostly on insects, millipedes, scorpions, and terrestrial isopods
Habitat: Found in tropical and subtropical areas

There are at least 140 species of whip scorpions. This species is known as the vinegaroon. It lacks a scorpion’s stinger; in its place is a long, whip-like tail curled forward over its back and used as a sensory organ. It is approximately 75-80 mm in length and may be reddish or brownish black in colour. It has eight eyes; two in the middle, and three on either side of the head. There are four pairs of legs, although the first pair are held forward and are used primarily as sensing organs, similar to the antennae of other arthropods. The chelicerae (mouth parts) are prominent and form pincers used for both food acquisition and defence. Females usually have wider bodies and smaller pedipalps than the males.

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