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Winter Camp-in-a-Box! 

We know you may not be able to join us at the zoo for camp this winter, so we’re bringing the camp to you! Each box contains age-appropriate activities for a five-day camp week, including supplies for games, crafts, zoo animal videos, and more. Keep an eye out for some special Potawatomi Zoo merchandise in each box as well!

The theme for our Winter Camp-In-A-Box is: It’s a Wild World!

Pack your bags, buckle your seatbelt, and here we go! All week long we are going to exploring some of the wildest places around the world! We will go from dry deserts of Australia to the cold, snowy Andes mountains of South America, and many places in between! At each stop, we will explore the landscape to understand why the habitat looks the way it does. We will also learn about the animals that live there, and their special adaptations that help them survive the sometimes, harsh climates. Finally, we will look at the culture of these faraway places to help us understand why these habitats are so important to not only the animals, but also people that live there too!

Camp-In-A-Box activities are focused on education and fun! You may need to provide your own coloring supplies, glue, and scissors. Adult supervision is recommended while campers work their way through the 7-8 daily activities, while using the internet to watch animal videos, and while exploring the outdoors. Our Winter Camp-In-A-Box is not separated into different age groups, but contains instructions to gear the activities for kids of different age levels. Winter Camp-In-A-Box is designed for kids aged 5-12.

Cost: $85/members and $100/non-members

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Winter Camp-In-A-Box available for pre-order now. Shipping December 1st.