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Future Zoologists Classes
Ages 7-9

Classes are $15 for non-members and $10 for members. Please note that these classes are drop-off and pick-up.

Fall Series: Mad Scientists
Class time: 10:00-11:30 am

Put on your lab coats and your goggles! Join us for the Mad Scientist Series and learn about engineering, scatology, and, of course, poison!

Animal Engineers

◦ Saturday, September 15

Animals can build some amazing things! Experiment with materials and discover their properties. Learn to build from some of the most amazing animal engineers in the world.


◦ Saturday, October 20

You may think that animal poop could be considered toxic waste. However, we can learn a lot about an animal from its scat. A mad scientist would definitely need to study scatology in order to make a powerful fart gun like Dr. Nefario.

Toxic Tools

◦ Saturday, November 17

Your mad scientist training would not be complete without studying the toxins. Come and learn about poison, venom, and the weapons of the wild.