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Future Zoologists Classes


Class time: 10:00-11:30

*Please note these classes are drop-off and pick-up. 

Mad Scientist Series

Put on your lab coats and your goggles! Join us for a Mad Scientist Series and learn about engineering, scatology, and, of course, poison!

Animal Engineers–Saturday, September 15

                Animals can build some amazing things! Experiment with materials and discover their properties. Learn to build from some of the most amazing Animal Engineers in the world.

Scatology– Saturday, October 20

                You may think that animal poop could be considered toxic waste, however, we can learn a lot about an animal from its scat. A mad scientist would definitely need to study scatology in order to make a powerful fart gun like Dr. Nefario.

Toxic Tools– Saturday, November 17

                Your mad scientist training would not be complete without studying the toxins. Come and learn about poison, venom, and the weapons of the wild.

Classes are $15 for non-members and $10 for members, their is a $5 discount for members