Homeschool Class Series
Ages 6-8 & 9-12

Spring 2024 Classes: Nature’s Neighborhood and From Cells to Stars

Nature’s Neighborhood: Animals, like us, live in a neighborhood. We call that neighborhood an ecosystem. Whether in a tree, under a rock, or in pond, animals live in communities amongst other living things. In this class series, we will spend 4 classes exploring a variety of nature’s neighborhoods on the Potawatomi Zoo grounds. Through outdoor exploration, animal encounters, games and more, students will draw parallels between one’s own neighborhood with those found in nature and understand the importance of connectivity within a community (or ecosystem) of living things.

From Cells to Stars: From microscopes to telescopes, the perspectives offered by different lenses can change our view of the world around us! In this class series, we will spend 4 classes digging deeper into the amazing world we live in through science demonstrations, engineering projects, animal encounters, games, crafts, and more! Ready to embark on this journey to explore the marvels of science and the wonders that surround us?

The 2024 Homeschool Series will be offering two different 4-class series this Spring. The first opportunity will be in March, and the second opportunity will be held in April.  Students will be grouped by age group. Ages 6-8 will be together, and ages 9-12 will be together.

Cost: $50. Zoo Members receive a 10% discount.

Register additional siblings: $45 per non-member, $40 per Zoo Member