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Join us in The Lodge for a talk about painted dogs and painted dog conservation with Wilton Nsimango, Education and Community Development Manager at Painted Dog Conservation in Zimbabwe.

At this education and fundraising event, we’ll have a bake sale and silent auction to raise money for painted dog conservation in the wild. Or you’re welcome to leave a donation when you register. We appreciate all your support!

Learn more about Painted Dog Conservation on their website, www.painteddog.org.

Wilton Nsimango has been with Painted Dog Conservation for 20 years and not only designed the Iganyana Children’s Bush Camp but also implemented a new brand of world-class standard conservation education for both the camp and local schools. Wilton is a qualified trained teacher and holds several degrees and a M.S. in Education Management. His vision is to improve the conservation education discipline and help kids understand the relationship between the traditional and modern trends of conservation so that they play their role in protecting wildlife.

Painted Dog Conservation is a non-profit organization in Zimbabwe working to protect and increase the range and numbers of painted dogs in the wild.  PDC has put together a conservation model that will work in the long term to make a significant difference to the painted dog population in Zimbabwe. They employ more than 60 people from the local villages to run their conservation programs as well as education and outreach programs. These efforts span everything from an Anti-Poaching  team, which patrols local areas daily to provide a direct form of protection for the dogs, to a rehabilitation facility where injured and orphaned dogs are treated before returning them to the wild. They monitor more than 10 packs daily across Hwange National Park, Mana Pools, and Mid-Zambezi. In additional to helping painted dog populations Painted Dog Conservation works to help humans as well through education and outreach programs that prioritize community spirit. They have established projects and programs that directly improve the lives of local residents. PDC has set up Children’s Bush Camp, a visitor center, collaborative art projects, conservation clubs, community gardens, and more.

Painted Dog Conservation is one of the one of the organizations that works directly with AZA Painted Dog SAFE (Saving Species From Extinction). African Painted Dog SAFE program plan is to increase the impact that AZA institutions have on African painted dog conservation in each of its three regions (East Africa, North/West/Central Africa, and Southern Africa) by increasing conservation support, raising public awareness of African painted dogs in-situ and ex-situ, and building relationships between AZA institutions and key African painted dog field partners.