Ivory-Billed Araçari

Pteroglossus azara

Animal Class: Birds

Length: Around 13 inches.

Weight: 5-5.5 ounces.

Lifespan: Estimated to be 20-25 years.

Diet: Fruit.

Habitat: Tropical or subtropical forests in South American countries, including Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela.

Description: Ivory-billed araçaris are a brightly colored relative of the toucan, although they’re much smaller. Males and females can be differentiated by the “crown” of feathers on the top of their head–males are black, females are brown. They live in small social groups, and will roost together in the same nest, usually a hollowed out tree.

The word “araçari” is a Portuguese word adapted from a Tupi word. It’s pronounced “are-a-sari.”

Conservation Status: Least Concern

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