Private Wildlife Encounters

Are you a sloth super-fan? Opossum enthusiast? Porcupine devotee?

Wildlife Encounters are a perfect opportunity to meet the education ambassador that you love! Learn more about the animal of your choosing and the Zoo’s role in conserving their species while getting an up-close, 20-30 minute encounter in a private classroom within the zoo.

Our education ambassadors include: two-toed sloth, North American porcupine, Virginia opossum, three-banded armadillo, barn owl, red-tailed hawk, lizards, snakes, and more!

Each encounter is $250 per animal. Up to 6 people may attend the encounter. Each encounter is dependent on the animal’s willing participation.

Please schedule at least two weeks in advance. To schedule an educational encounter, please contact the Education Department at (574) 235-9070 or