• Junior Naturalist Summer Camp (5-6 year olds): ABC Animals!  

    There are only 26 letters in the alphabet, but there are thousands of different animals around world! We'll work our way  through the animal kingdom from A to Z while playing games, making crafts, and meeting animal ambassadors.
  • Curious Conservationists Day Camp (18+ year olds)

    Why let kids have all the fun? You’ll get to meet, observe, and learn about animals during this one-day camp that will help you deepen your understanding of wild species conservation.
  • Wild Rangers Summer Camp (10-12 years old): If I Ran the Zoo...

    Ever wondered what it takes to run a zoo? Find out in the "If I Ran the Zoo" summer camp! We'll explore the importance of zoos as conservation organizations, discover a variety of conservation career options, and design a zoo all our own.
  • Future Zoologists Summer Camp (7-9 years old): Wet n' Wild! --ALL CAMPS FULL

    From the desert to the ocean, the rain forest to the prairie, water plays a vital role in sustaining wildlife all over the world! Join us in learning about the animals that frequent these different habitats and the important roles they play within their homes. We'll meet some animals, do some experiments, and play games with water!