Project Description

Diana Monkey

Cercopithecus diana

Animal Class: Mammals

Length: 29 – 36 inches long including tail

Weight: 11 – 12 pounds

Life Span: 25 – 30 years in captivity

Diet: Wild: fruit, leaves, shoots and flowers. Zoo: fruits, vegetables, and monkey biscuits

Habitat: Found in the upper canopy of coastal rainforests of West Africa.

The face is black with a narrow but has a conspicuous white band that crosses the forehead, and a pointed white beard. The crown is almost black while the sides of the head, chin, throat, chest and inner face of the forelimbs are pure white and sharply defined. Diana’s have a conspicuous white oblique stripe that runs across the thigh. The buttocks and inner sides of the hind limbs are white, but the limbs are otherwise black. The male will not tolerate another adult male, and warns them off with a head-bobbing signal. We have a breeding pair: one male and one female and there may be possible offspring. Located across from African Lion exhibit.

The Diana monkey is on exhibit seasonally in Old World Monkeys, weather permitting.

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