Project Description

Miniature Donkey

Equus asinus

Animal Class: Mammals

Length: 13.2-14 hands

Diet: Grasses and grains

Habitat: A domestic breed of donkey, originated in the United States

Description: The American mammoth jackstock is a large breed of donkey that can be a mount for children or adults.  They have large ears, which could grow up to be 3 feet long.  Their long necks are thicker than those of horses.  Their eyes are large and round. Their heads are generally strait though they are not faulted for Roman noses. Their heads must be in proportion to body size. Most Jackstock are either black or red, but there are dapple and roan variations. Other less common colors include white, gray, brown and spotted. The spotted and white are the most uncommon varieties with the spotted being the most rare.

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