Project Description

Red Kangaroo

Osphranter rufus

Animal Class: Mammal

Length: Males are 4-5 feet with an addition 3-4 foot tail. Females are 33-41 inches with a 26-33 inch tail.

Weight: Males are 120-200 pounds. Females are 40-88 pounds.

Lifespan: Around 8 years in the wild, 20 or more years in human care.

Diet: Primarily grasses.

Habitat: Scrubland, grassland, and deserts of central and western Australia.

Description: Red kangaroos are the largest kangaroo species in Australia, and the largest species of marsupial in the world. Like all kangaroos, they move with a characteristic tail-assisted hop.

Red kangaroos can withstand extremely high temperatures through adaptations like panting and sweating, and they can enter a state of torpor. They also don’t need to drink water for extended periods of time, getting their water from plants instead.

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