Project Description

Red River Hog

Potamochoerus porcus

Animal Class: Mammal

Length: 39-57 inches

Weight: 100-250 pounds

Lifespan: Around 20 years.

Diet: Omnivorous.

Habitat: Adaptable to rainforests, savannahs, forests, and wetlands in West and Central Africa.

Description: Red river hogs are a distinctive-looking species of wild pig. They’re dark reddish with a white stripe down their back, black facial markings, and large ears with long, white-haired tips. The males have facial protuberances and tusks as well.

Red river hogs breed seasonally and have litters of 3-4 piglets (although they can have as many as 6). The piglets are initially dark brown with yellowish spots and stripes, and they develop into the plain reddish adult coat after about 6 months.

Red river hogs are social and vocal. They live in small groups and constantly communicate with grunts and squeals.

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