Project Description

White-Fronted Marmoset

Callithrix geoffroyi

Animal Class: Mammal

Length: 8 inches with an 11 inch tail

Weight: 6-12 ounces

Lifespan: About 10 years

Diet: Omnivore. Mostly fruit, insects, and tree gum.

Habitat: Forests in eastern Brazil.

Description: Also known as Geoffroyi’s marmosets and white-faced marmosets, this small species of primate has a white patch of fur on their face and chest. The rest of their fur is black with brown and black bands on their back and tail. They also have long black tufts of fur on their ears.

White-fronted marmosets are monogamous, and they often live in family groups of 8-18 individuals.

Like other primates, white-fronted marmosets are vocal and use a combination of whistles, trills, and chirps to communicate with their group or to alert danger.

Although they’re considered least concern for extinction, the species is in decline in the wild, largely because of habitat destruction and degradation.

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