Project Description

Western Tiger Salamander

Ambystoma mavortium

Animal Class: Amphibian

Length: 6-9 inches, but can be as large as 12 inches.

Weight: Around 4 ounces.

Lifespan: 15 years

Diet: Carnivore. They are opportunistic and will eat almost anything they can catch.

Habitat: Forests, fields, streams in the west of Canada and United States.

Description: Western tiger salamanders can be distinguished from eastern tiger salamanders by their pattern of markings. Western tiger salamanders have larger bars, and eastern tiger salamanders have small spots or no spots at all.

Tiger salamanders have a stable population, but their native habitats are becoming more scarce, particularly the wetlands they need to breed.

Like other salamanders, tiger salamanders breed in pools, and females lay around 100 eggs. After around 4 weeks, they hatch as larvae. Larvae stay in the pool until they become adults, which takes around 2-5 months.

Conservation Status: Endangered